3 STEPS TO MAKING YOUR FIRST $1000 FREELANCE WRITING IN 90 DAYS OR LESS...(Even if You are a broke Newbie with No Degree or Experience)

Some of my students ask me..."This masterclass is so valuable, why give it away for FREE?"

Well, it’s because I am really interested in your success and I want to reveal to you the "SECRET CODE" behind making top-dollar as a freelance writer. My mission is to create the best copywriting program on the internet and empower people to be financially independent.

Trust me, I know how it feels to live on a meagre income every month. The inflation these days even weakens the purchasing power and limits what you can use the money for, before you say Jack, the money is gone! This is the reason why I created the CIC Copywriting course... your sure ticket to earning top-dollar freelance writing in 90 days or less (If you can follow what I teach you step-by-step). Simple right?

I also believe that if you enjoyed and learnt a lot from this valuable masterclass, then you would upgrade to my paid copywriting course for hands-on practical implementation training with support structures to mentor and coach you on how to start, grow and scale a profitable freelance writing business or career from scratch and make money from anywhere in the world with just a PC and Internet Connection.

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Hurry, Few Spaces Left
39/50 Students Already Enrolled
Hurry, Few Spaces Left...
39/50 Students Already Enrolled
Hurry, Few Spaces Left...
39/50 Students Already Enrolled

Here is what you get when you enroll in the Crush-it Copywriting Course before time runs out

6 Powerful Modules to become a Crush-it Copywriter in just 6 weeks 👇🏽


Module 1

Here we will discuss the opportunities available for you as a copywriter, the lifestyle, the earning potential, what you need to be a copywriter, and what you don’t need.

Here I lay the foundation for the course and highlight the things you must begin to do from Day 1 of enrolling in the course so you can come out refined and ready to grab ’em Benjamins and crush those projects for your clients.

Here we will discuss why direct response copywriters command so much authority and why it’s a lot different from content writing. I will introduce you to the world of direct response copywriting.

Here, we will cover the basic rules behind copywriting which will set the tone for everything we are going to talk about in this program.

Module 2

A lot of newbie copywriters get confused when they are faced with an actual project. They are at a loss of where to begin, what to write, and how to deliver a complete product. Here we’ll cover what you should do each time you receive a brief from your clients.

Knowing who you are writing for is very critical to your copy success. A lot of copywriters out there struggle to write good copies just because they suck at carrying out in-depth customer research.

Here I will show you how to summarize the fears and pains of your customers in a single grid so you are able to focus on the things that matter when you are writing your copy.

Here I will take you through an immersive session where you will learn how to craft intriguing headlines and sub-headlines. This is the number 1 determinant of a successful copy.

Module 3

Here we will go through the anatomy of a sales promotion and how you can assemble your own sales letter for any product using simple secrets and copy formula.

I will show you the completed framework of what makes up the building blocks of a highly-converting sales letter. I will also teach you how to assemble a professional sales letter that cuts through the noise.

Here, you will learn how to write cohesively. It is one thing to understand the components of a good sales promotion, but another thing entirely to be able to tie all the pieces together and develop them into a cohesive sales promotion. 

Here I will take you through how to; unmask your prospect’s innermost feelings, desires, and beliefs; understand what ideas, facts, and phrases are likely to encourage, frighten, and excite him, make him want to be your customer forever. As well as, how to swipe real customer language using marketplaces and repositories.

Module 4

Every direct marketer out there needs a compelling landing page copy. I will take you through writing a landing page copy that spirals web browsers down the funnel, from scratch. Here you will learn the Z to A method, a working back from the goal method that helps you to write a landing page copy in less than 1 hour.

I will take you through the process of writing a highly converting landing page by starting from the goal of the campaign and working backward. I will also show you how to write your copy using the language of the customer.

I will show you how to write a Facebook ad copy that sells and is compliant. This is a high-demand copywriting project. I will teach you 4 different strategies to write the most persuasive Facebook ad copy for your clients.

The 4 Ps formula is a direct-response formula you can use to write your any sales copy. Here, I will take you through the step-by-step process you can use to write a complete sales copy from start to finish, paragraph by paragraph. This formula completely obliterates what some writers call “The writer’s block”.

Module 5

The e-commerce industry is booming right now, and as a product description copywriter, you can earn up to $2K monthly writing just e-commerce listings. I will take you through the process of writing one from scratch.

Here is where you’ll learn the ground rules of B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) website copywriting. You’ll learn the secret formula to deliver any website copywriting project that comes your way. 

Here is where we take a deep dive into the differences between the two types of website copywriting and how to market yourself as an authority in the two market segments.

Win your battles before they start! This is where we reveal the cheat sheet for writing the 5 most important pages of a website (Home Page, About Us, Services, FAQ, and Contact Us).

Module 6

Here I will take you through what you need to do to land your first high-paying client as a copywriter and how to market yourself effectively after niching down. I will reveal the exact things you need to do to appear as a pro copywriter even though you are just starting out.

Here I will show you how to choose your niche, why you should choose a niche, reveal the most profitable niches to you, and how you can begin to market yourself.

You will learn how to create a professional portfolio site that attracts high-paying clients. Jump ahead of writers who use google drive and boring samples and land clients the right way like a true professional.

You’ll learn the proven marketing strategies to help you stand out in the marketplace, promote yourself to the right audience and reel-in clients year-in, year-out. This is your “ultimate” blueprint to printing your own money.

Here is a Quick Peek into our World-Class CIC Learning Platform...

The CIC LearnWorlds Platform: A Learning Experience Like No Other

Do you know what is more interesting?

Apart from these major power packed engaging sessions, you also get access to several tools and copy materials that makes the journey a whole lot more easier for you. The truth is, you will never get these materials for free ANYWHERE.

…PLUS bonus materials worth #961,000 (only if you enroll before offer expires)



#1: Create A Pro Freelance site from Scratch ($147 Value)

#2: 7 Copywriting Tools To Write Smarter than Anyone ($397 Value)

#3: A Complete Copywriting Mastery Library ($697 Value)

#4: 30 Top Performing Copywriting Samples ($147 Value)

#5: Powerful Tools to Research Your Audience and Write Expert Copy ($497 Value)

#6: 10 Top Copywriting Job boards You never Knew Existed ($147 Value)

#7: Done for You LinkedIn Templates ($197 Value)

#8: The Simple Hacks to Winning Jobs Via Buyer’s Request ($125 Value)

#9: Done for You Templates to Land Emails and Newsletter Jobs ($175 Value)

#10: Freelance Writing Niche Workbook ($299 Value)

#11: 44 Most Profitable Niches (This is not some regular PDF) ($497 Value)

#12: Freelance Goal Worksheet ($115 Value)

#13: Customer Avatar Worksheet (This literally helps you read minds) ($247 Value)

#14: What EVERY Freelance writer needs to know about SEO ($149 Value)

#15: Advance tools for Audience Research  ($349)

#16: The ultimate guide to guest blogging ($149)

#17 Done for You 90 days Implementation Calendar ($679 Value)


Let’s talk about exactly what you’ll learn when you enroll before the deadline and get instant access to the bonus content…


CIC course bundle teaches you how to start your freelance writing business from scratch or scale it to the next level depending on where you are in your journey. 

In order for you to save time and money, you will learn how to quickly set up a professional business portfolio website that you can use to start pitching immediately. 

This is not some google drive or dropbox links (Those won’t get you High-paying clients.)



The truth is you can do it the HARD way and get results. But that would take all of your time. 

Freelancing should not rob you off of the time to hang out with your friends, see your favorite movies at the Cinemas or bond with your children and family. It shouldn’t be another 9-5 job you have to deal with.

These 7 Tools are “SACRED” tools that you will most likely not find on a random blog or have them handed over to you by YOUR friend who does freelancing. 

You know why? They give you the unfair advantage and make you Unstoppable. 

BONUS COURSE #3: A Complete Copywriting Mastery Library ($697 Value)

The Absolute Best Freelancers are lifelong learners. The more you know, the more you earn. 

A lot of freelance writers are unable to scale because they keep writing the same thing everyone is writing. How do you charge high that way?

The complete copywriting mastery library will help you add more niched writing skills even as you implement the course content. 


BONUS COURSE #4: 30 Top Performing Copywriting Samples ($147 Value)

Writer’s block is a myth. Never be caught up in that space where you are unable to deliver as at when due just because you don’t know how to begin your copy. 

Make use of the 30 Top performing copywriting samples to tease out your creative juice. 


BONUS COURSE #5: Powerful Tools to Research Your Audience and Write Expert Copy ($497 Value)

Do you find it difficult to wow your clients? Or you want to create something that your clients will keep drooling over.

This bonus course is your hack to getting tons of referrals. This is where I show you how to SPY on your clients’ competitors, see what they are doing and then go a mile extra to create MAGIC for your client. 

This Bonus course takes RESEARCH to a whole new level. 

BONUS COURSE #6: 10 Top Copywriting Job boards You Never Knew Existed  ($147 Value) 

Promise me you are not going to share these boards with anyone? These boards are not the job listing sites like craiglist or other freelance platforms that you know.

Freelancing jobs are listed here every week for you to send in your PITCHES. Competition on these boards are very Low. 

Use my proven Proposal Templates to take as much as jobs you can UNTIL you are swamped and you need to hire other writers to work for you.

BONUS COURSE #7: Done for You LinkedIn Templates ($197 Value)

Get on LinkedIn and start to hit the home run with these templates. 

Here you will find templates you can adjust and use for your Bio.

You will find an Elevator Pitch Template that you can use to WOW your prospects when they reach out to you.

You will find Connection Request Templates you can get in the door. Same templates I have used to attract Dan Lok into my network. 

BONUS COURSE #8: The Simple Hacks to Winning Jobs Via Buyer’s Request ($125 Value)

Getting jobs through Fiverr is HARD – says the freelance writer who doesn’t know how to write a PERSONABLE proposal. This is where I show you how NOT to sound like every other person bidding for the job. 

This hack will help you MILK Fiverr even while you wait to rank to the first page. 

With these simple guidelines, there are no dry seasons. 

BONUS COURSE #9: 10 Freelance Writing Niche Workbook ($299 Value)

A workbook specially designed to tease out the right answers from you until you have the Ahaha moment realizing the perfect niche for you. 

Going through this exercise will help you see clearly the path you should follow and where you should pitch your tent as a freelance writer. 

Speed is good but only in the right direction is it profitable.

BONUS COURSE #10:  44 Most Profitable Niches (This is not some random PDF) ($497 Value)

Watched the video walk through on how to pick your niche, even used the niche workbook and still unable to select the right niche?

No sweats, I got you covered with this bonus material, here I have handpicked 44 most most profitable niches from my 6+ years experience of being in the freelance writing industry. 

This is the cheat sheet to choosing a niche that is PROFITABLE.

Choose Your Plan and Get Started


# 30,000
  • Perfect for you if you already know how to land high-paying clients and want to sharpen your copywriting skill so you can earn more or learn advanced direct-response copywriting techniques
  • What's Included: 100% Practical Online Copywriting Mentorship Program
  • 1 Year Access to the Core Copywriting Training
  • Module 1 - Module 5
  • Proposal Writing Masterclass
  • Assignment grading and feedback
  • $5250 Bonus Courses
  • Weekly Zoom Q/A
  • Private Support Community
  • Fiverr for Copywriters Complete Course
  • Module 6 (Marketing & Branding for 7-Figure Copywriters)
  • Winning on LinkedIn as a Copywriter Complete Course
  • Dedicated Instructor
  • Fiverr course implementation Calendar
  • 90 days implementation Calendar
  • You can Upgrade to PREMIUM or ELITE plan later


# 45,000
  • Perfect for you if you want to hone your copywriting skill, land high-paying copywriting gigs and explore how to make 7-figures from copywriting on Freelance marketplaces
  • What's Included: 100% Practical Online Copywriting Mentorship Program
  • 1 Year Access to the Core Copywriting Training
  • Module 1 - Module 5
  • Proposal Writing Masterclass
  • Assignment grading and feedback
  • $5250 Bonus Courses
  • Weekly Zoom Q/A & Recording
  • Private Support Community
  • Fiverr for Copywriters Complete Course
  • Fiverr course implementation Calendar
  • Module 6 (Marketing & Branding for 7-Figure Copywriters)
  • Winning on LinkedIn as a Copywriter Complete Course
  • Dedicated Instructor
  • 90 days implementation Calendar
  • You can Upgrade to the ELITE plan later


# 60,000
  • Perfect for you if you don't want to take any chances from start to finish - scale to $5k/mo and land high-paying clients FAST with proper branding, freelance marketplace and LinkedIn marketing
  • What's Included: 100% Practical Online Copywriting Mentorship Program
  • 1 Year Access to the Core Copywriting Training
  • Module 1 - Module 5
  • Proposal Writing Masterclass
  • Assignment grading and feedback
  • $5250 Bonus Courses
  • Weekly Zoom Q/A & Recording
  • Private Support Community
  • Fiverr for Copywriters Complete Course
  • Module 6 (Marketing & Branding for 7-Figure Copywriters)
  • Winning on LinkedIn as a Copywriter Complete Course
  • Dedicated Instructor
  • Fiverr course implementation Calendar
  • 90 days implementation Calendar

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The CRUSH-IT Copywriting Course has been designed to pay for itself. Imagine how much you’ll make if you only master and start selling JUST “two” of the top copywriting skills that you’ll learn in the course 😎

The pandemic is a blessing to the E-commerce industry. 52 percent of consumers are avoiding crowded marketplaces and are leaving their houses a lot less due to COVID-19. The e-commerce industry is expected to grow by up to 25.9 percent in 2020 only. 

The Aliexpress, Shopfiy and Amazon store owners are looking for writers who can write them compelling product descriptions.

Let’s do quick maths here:

Imagine you charge $75 for a 300 words product description (Which is the minimum I charge).

An average client will need you to write up to 10 product descriptions per batch. 

Then you give a discount of $25 per product. 

You will be charging $50 per product. 

My friend are you following? You will arrive at $500 = N 238, 500 at today’s exchange rate of N 477  per dollar. 

This means, you can make your investment back by using what I have taught in this lesson ONLY. 

Now you may be wondering what you are getting?

1. I shared my 4 step research process that you can copy to write any e-commerce product description. 

2. In this bonus video tutorial, I shared how to swipe real customer language from other marketplaces so you can create compelling copies that will make your clients HAPPY. 

I wrote a winning product description from scratch so you can just copy MY STYLE and spin it around.

I also shared a template you can use over and over again to write any product description in less than 30 mins. 

This lesson is the ULTIMATE check-mate. Use it to get ahead of your friends who are already freelance writers for years.

…and this 👇🏽

Have you heard of sales funnel copywriting? It is writing compelling copy for Facebooks ads, Landing pages, Sales pages and Email marketing campaigns. 

Now landing pages are usually at the centre of any online marketing campaign. 

Without a compelling landing page content, your clients will not be able to collect quality leads or get the best returns on their ad spend. 

A lot of traditional business owners are moving their businesses online and they need a landing page copywriter who can write sizzling copies to help them BUILD their LIST of potential customers FAST. 

My friend, grab your calculator, let’s do additional maths 😎:

Imagine you charge $150 for a simple landing page copy (which is the minimum I have charged in my freelance career, except one time I charged $100). 

Now, if you work with 4 clients in a month (Which is easily achievable with the CIC COPYWRITING BLUEPRINT COURSE),  

That means, you will make $600 from 4 clients which is N 286, 200 at today’s exchange rate of N 477 per $.  

This means you can make back your investment from this lesson ONLY and scale from there even if you decide to ignore every other thing I teach in this CIC COPYWRITING BLUEPRINT COURSE.  

Now you may be wondering what you are getting in this Video Lesson?

1. What is a landing page? – A fool-proof explanation on what a landing page is, so you flow with your client when chatting with them. 

2. Why do businesses create landing pages?

Understanding this will help you write better pitches and close more clients because you will be able to read their minds and gauge expectations. 

3. What is a micro and main offer?

Every landing page copywriter must understand the difference between a lead magnet and a main offer. Once you understand this, you can make money from both ends. You can help your clients write their landing page content and then make more money by writing the lead magnet which more often than not is an ebook. Amazing yeah? 

4. Six 2021 headline trends that work like fire and how to write them.

My friend, you only need to master 6 headline types to write scalable landing page copy that gets your prospects RESTLESS until they take action. This is what your clients want from you. This part of the video lesson will help you achieve that. 

5. Your 40 mins or less landing page copy formula

I have put together this course from my  6 years of selling copywriting gigs and landing clients online, so you DON’T EVER pay for another course online. This is YOUR bus stop. 

Use my landing page copy formula to write winning copies every time for your clients even when the deadline is as close as your heartbeat. 

Let’s SWITCH things up a bit my friend with a PRO Tip.

You can charge as high as $500 for landing copywriting and design. 

 Do you have a friend who is good with web page design? You get your clients to pay you for the entire work and pay them for the web page design.

Sweet yeah?

So if you work with 4 clients in a month just doing landing page copywriting and design. That’s easy $2,000 = N954, 000

Some of my students have gone ahead to create their own agencies and are making more than $5000 monthly using the same strategies I will show you in the CIC Copywriting course!

Jire is one of those few Maestros that do not only understand the art of copywriting but also how to inject it in others. His teaching methods and mentorship transformed my perspective about skill learning and online income generation.

In just 5 months, I made close to $3,000 (as a side gig), and ever since, the figures have been spiralling up. Thanks for the opportunity!



Founder, Murr Creative

Having the witty Jire jacob’s consult for us stands as one of the best decisions our organization has made in recent years, his service was sterling and his suggestions very effective.

The strategies he introduced led to a remarkable sales surge within just 30 days. What an amazing executor! He is no doubt one of the best copywriters I have worked with, definitely one of the best in the field, and I strongly recommend his courses.


Ola Oyetade

Founder, Grinville Group

…My friend, welcome to your one-way ticket OUT of being constantly broke INTO the freedom-filled life you want!

This course bundle teaches you the best way to break into freelance writing quickly – EVEN WITH NO EXPERIENCE! No guesswork. No bullshit.

The CIC course is the step-by-step, proven method for starting a writing business from scratch. 

It’s based on EXACTLY how I landed high-paying clients and made $1500 and scaled to $5000/mo using Fiverr and LinkedIn.

You are not alone! Some of my students have gone ahead to take advantage of this opportunity and their lives haven’t been the same ever since… Listen to their stories below 👇🏽

“So, who exactly IS the feisty writer teaching this course?”

So yeah, that’s me!

My name is Olajire Jacob (thejirejacob) & I am the convener of the Crush-it Copywriting Blueprint Program.

Let me explain a little bit about my experience growing a profitable freelance writing business fast. (Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick)

I was a broke-ass 4th year pharmacy student when I first heard about making money freelance writing.

I was interested, and thought, “WOW! People are making twice what I am going to make in a year when I finally graduate, just in a month… just to write from home! How is that even possible?!.”

Like every other writer on the internet, I started writing articles and blogs and getting paid $5 or $10 for 1000 words.

I was stressed out, overworked, underpaid, and constantly dealing with clients shenanigans.

Until I met a friend who  told me he charged $200 for a 300 words sales letter. (A sales letter is just one form of copywriting)


I have then gone ahead to start my own copywriting agency, teach business owners how to get more sales using the power of words and also help other ambitious youths like me to be financially independent.

To be independent is to have true FREEDOM and be in control of your TIME.

Whatever attacks your time, attacks your destiny – thejirejacob. 

My friend, shall we?

My friend, shall we?

It’s your turn to join the community of writers who are already Crushing-it with the CIC Blueprint Course…

…Plus you will be supported and added to a private community in our academy and have access to our weekly live support every Thursday. So if you’re TIRED of being constantly broke, here is your CHANCE!

⚠ Special Offer for Early Birds: 50% Discount for the First 10 People Only but upgrade now because over 250 interested people like you are currently watching this masterclass. I can't guarantee you will be able to secure a spot if you don't do it now and save 50%.⚠

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